Friday, 4 September 2015

Latest Jay's Trip September 2015 Australia - Czech republic - Australia

I've got an briliant idea in July 2015 as find out there's many people going from Australia visit their families back to Czech republic also another not nice thing is my mam has serious problem with spine and might has to go for surgery. My idea is to pay quick visit to my parents and grandma. Of course it took me about one week to deside when or if to go well the return ticket wasn't as cheap as it is 2k AUD.
Even that I'm happy I'm going to do this I was insoired by other chap who surprised his old guys. Right now only my brother and few friends know that I'm on my way.
At the moment I'm trying to save for future trips aroound the world but right the most important trip is to come back to see my old guuys.
Last year some time around July I've spoken to my mam over Viber and she brought an idea me to come home for summer but my reply was I'm busy travelling as I was anytime before I wouldn't imagine traveling can make me so busy as did in 2014. Every day durring the travel of my life I woke up and had list of goals wanted to reach as book tickets, see places, visit events meet people, plan following days/months/time.
 Some days I felt like to plan nothing unfortunately if you want to see places and people you have to make a schedule. This year, year 2015 started funny as I couldn't get directly to Australia as I've planned but thanks that I've spent extra month with my malaysian friends in Malysia and Thailand.
 During the last few months I've finally got some standard income of kinda stable part time work. I'm not lazy or scared of any work even hard work but some days I'm getting pissed of that I've not money enough to just away do some travel in Asia or at least leave the city (Sydney) for a while. I miss all the space/time to meet new people other cultures, countries right now.
  I got few plans by different ways throough different countries. Option a) is standart planes/buses/trains that costs a lot option b) is to go by car/motorbike all way down from australia or indonesia back home to Czech republic this is the most expensive one option c) is travel light story just pack small backpack get by buses/hitch hiking/cycling/walking this is tough, long time consuming but the cheapest one.
  It's a pitty whichever road I've picked there are fights in middle east damaging not only heritage sites but also causing hudghe road divesrions in that area.        

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