Saturday, 17 January 2015

January 2015

 The very first plan was to go from Bali to Jakarta, Indonesia. From Jakarta to Adelaide with one stop in Kuala lumpur unfortunately my australian visas expired in November not in January 2015 as expected. Luckily moved to my friends Ashley's Matahri hostel in Pasar Seni, KL applied for my second australian visas (visas 651 which were free) and got these in seven days. Well in the mean time got new destination idea from my friends Ting and Ashley to move to Langkawi, Malaysia and mainly Koh Lipe, Thailand for their birthday celebration.
 Right after visas granted booked ticket to Oz on the 5th Feb. We've got booked taxi from Pasar Seni to SUBANG, KL airport it broke down just around the corner but still got replacement and reached flight on time.
 Arrived to Langkawi, Malaysia in the evening had small dinner in Chinese restaurant food was nice as usual. After went for second dinner with Cola and his friend that one was even better many different kinds of sea food. I stopped drinking alcohol but it was twins celebration we've got to really nice brand new bar at the cost for a drink. Second drinking place had different magic cheap beer towers /compare to Kuala Lumpur/ well we did few ; )
 Next morning took the first ferry to Koh lipe it took around 1 hour was sunny and sea not as choppy. The beach on Koh lipe is so shallow the ferry has to stop at floating jetty 200m away. People and load are then trnsported by longtils to the Koh lipe beach. Arrived to Koh Lipe Sun set beach collected passports from travel office on the beach went to Immigration next door got STAMP AGAIN /the immi officers think the passport has one thousand pages/. Then we got moto taxi for 50THB to the top of the hill close to our Forra diving resort. 
 Forra diving resort was good pick price was okay stylish bamboo hatches with dive center right on the beach with white sand runned by easygoing French guys. Only the prices were pulled as on sea cost and the orders took usually some time..
Same story as Bali heard too much nice about Koh Lipe and that why it lost the magic no WOW! again. It's nice place for one visit it definitely worth to visit but once only.
 Guys went for snorkeling but there was nothing to see if you go there take a swimming shoes there's lot of sharp stones and corrals on sun rise beach the tides are really low too.
 Unfortunately didn't go for diving as wound on heel when step through step in the bamboo hatch but hear no extra mainly soft corrals.
 After Koh Lipe came back to Kuala Lumpur /90 days stay visas on arrival for most of european countries/ the moved to Redang island help a bit and do some necessary computer work.

*True move thai sim card won't apply automatically see setting below
tested on Samsung Note 3  should be kinda universal...